Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lars and the Real Girl

Yes, I'm reviewing a movie. Not normally my thing, but this one undoubtedly deserves it.

If you haven't seen Lars and the Real Girl then I strongly recommend it. To anyone. The adult references are fairly indirect, and, in a very unexpected way, we can all relate to it.

I put in the movie expecting a comedy, but after watching it, I wouldn't categorize it under this genre at all. What I got was an extremely unique, heartfelt, feel-good movie. Not what you'd expect from a movie about a reclusive man who starts dating an anatomically correct 'love doll'. Yes, the humor is there, but it's blended in naturally, serving to complement the main flavor.

If a movie can make you want to cry at a sex doll's funeral, then it must be doing something right. And that's exactly where I found myself: Busting out with unwarranted laughter to compensate for the awkwardness I felt at wanting to cry.

My drama teacher always says: "A good play will move your guts over two inches."

The same is true of a movie.

It is not an attachment to Bianca (The main character's plastic girlfriend) that evokes these powerful emotions in you, but your reaction to how profoundly the entire town cares for Lars.

I won't spoil it with any more details. Go and watch for yourself.

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