Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hi, my name is _____.

Doesn't really matter. People, it's a beautiful thing. Can you see the world around us? It's glimmering.
If you are reading these words you are witnessing pure magic. It took me a couple months of swimming in the depth's of my own mind but I'm back in the sunshine, ready to show people some cool tricks.

Life is literally like a dream in that you direct yourself the same way you do in a dream. The veil is thin now.

The truth is echoing loudly in every facet of our existence.

The media.
Whoops, we were so taken in by the fine detail of the features that we got a bit lost.
It's not scary to dream.
You just float along.
It's comfortable.
It's empowering.

I'm going to dedicate a blog to poetry and writing projects. It's necessary.
Also, I have a Deviantart, there are only two things up there right now but very soon there will be more, I assure.

Oh 2011, you're going to be magical.

P.S. I have Fios, and it's magical. Be jealous.

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